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Volunteer Opportunities


In a recent Shabbat discussion about our experiences as volunteers, one of our members said that volunteering is simply what we should be doing for each other and for the community anyway. Volunteering really shouldn't need its own name, except that our busy lives require us to compartmentalize what we need to do for ourselves, and what we want to do for others. 


Congregation Beth El depends on various kinds of participation from its members. Financial support is part of the balance, and the contribution of your knowledge, skills, commitment, and compassion completes the equation. Following are a few suggestions for how you can help, and feel free to identify other areas where you can be of service.


Sponsor Kiddush:
Option 1 - donate money for kiddush. We are happy for members to sponsor Kiddush with a simple donation of $18. Susan will verify supplies we have on hand, and supplement with challah and anything else we need for a pleasant oneg shabbat. Your attendance is appreciated but not required!


Option 2 - donate supplies for kiddush. Provide non-perishable or freezable foods which we can bring out for a non-sponsored shabbat kiddush.


Option 3 - provide your own kiddush. This way you get to choose the menu and make a special occasion for the congregants, but it doesn't have to be complicated. See link in sidebar for kiddush guidelines and suggestions. 


Announcements preview: the weekly email Community Connection announcements would benefit from an independent review of the draft before issuing to the congregation. This would include checking that entries make sense, and contain essential information regarding dates, times, locations, fees, links, etc. Send brief comments to the rabbi and Susan, and you're done!

Newsletter coordinator: collect and review articles for the bi-monthly Community Insights newsletter. Tasks could include setting up an annual schedule, soliciting stories from the rabbi and congregation, reading submissions and responding with brief comments, previewing draft newsletter prepared by Susan.

Tell us a story: send us an article related to Jewish life for the newsletter. This could be scholarly work, an opinion piece, congregational news, personal experience, fiction, poetry, or whatever you have to offer the community. CBE staff will review submitted articles and decide what to include based on content and available column space.

Library coordinator: sort through our boxes of books, select preferred items for community room bookshelves, organize and label items to be kept and stored, separate items to sell or give away.

Monthly Community Dinners:


Art coordinator:

Holiday planning & decorating:
Kitchen Coordinator:
Minyan phone tree:

  Hevre Kadisha (training reduired):




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