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Happy Chanukah 🕎 חנוכה שמח 🕎 Chanukah Sameach

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  • Dec. 1: Shabbat Evening Service

  • Dec. 3: Comedy with Bob Alper at Monument Arts Ctr

  • Dec. 9: Shabbat-Hanukkah Morning Service

  • Dec. 10: Hanukkah Candlelighting and Potluck Party

  • Jerusalem Post Op-by Rabbi Michael Cohen

  • How You Can Support Israel

  • Speak Sooner Seminar

  • Rabbi Seth's Blog

  • Healing Blessings

  • Yahrzeits

Jewish 24-7

a blog by Rabbi Seth Riemer. This week:

We Gather Together

"At times when we feel alone and vulnerable, we need to be with people we love and trust... All the more so when conditions are adverse...."


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Shabbat Evening Service

with Rabbi Seth Riemer

4 pm • Friday, Dec. 1

Parashat Vayishlach / פָּרָשַׁת וַיִּשְׁלַח

Genesis 32:4-36:43



Areas We Serve


Beth El serves a broad geographic area including southwestern Vermont, northern Berkshire County in Massachusetts, and eastern Rensselaer and Washington counties in New York. Click  Contact   to see a map of our location.



We are affiliated with  Reconstructing Judaism .


Vision Statement


Congregation Beth El is an inclusive and welcoming Jewish community, balancing traditional Jewish core strengths and values with a forward-looking perspective that respects our ever-evolving culture.


Building on an inherited congregational history dating back to 1909, Congregation Beth El looks to its history and roots for inspiration, while forging multiple paths for its members to address and express their Jewish identity.


Programs and activities that appeal to a wide range of congregants, opportunities to socialize with our geographically dispersed membership, and responsible financial stewardship are actions which will carry Congregation Beth El onward through a sustainable and secure second century.

rabbi seth_edited.png

Rabbi Seth Daniel Riemer

Available by appointment Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday. 
To arrange a time to meet, please
click to contact: 

To read Rabbi Seth's blog, click  Jewish 24-7 

Note: Jewish 24-7 is posted on Substack. No subscription is required!

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Our Trustees

Our Members

Click to meet some of our members through interviews

and stories lovingly collected by Susan Armstrong.


Our Staff


Susan Armstrong is our Assistant Director, managing facilities, communications,

and day-to-day operations.


Contact Susan:  phone 802-442-9645

Amanda Mattison is our bookkeeper.

Dennis Rose provides facilities maintenance.

Lance Wang - President

Joan Lister & Stu DuBoff - Co-vice presidents 
Karen Levin - Treasurer
Ellie Roden - Secretary


Diana Gradus
Harvey Yorke
Stacy Boxer 
Al Bashevkin
Alice Greenspan

Congregation Beth El is an inclusive community for individuals and families. Our members have followed a wide variety of paths: some were raised Jewish, some are unfamiliar with the synagogue or the liturgy, while others are part of an inter-faith family. All are welcome.

We believe that Judaism requires a community, and it is as part of a community that we can best express and develop our spiritual paths.


Congregation Beth El depends on both dues and donations to maintain its home and provide and expand its wide range of services. We provide Jewish education, cultural and educational programming, and outreach for members and the wider community of all incomes and age groups.


It is traditional to provide donations not just during the High Holidays, but also to commemorate life-cycle events such as births and birthdays, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, weddings and anniversaries and Yahrzeits. We are grateful to all those who have given so generously.


Our secure online donation / contribution portal allows you to make a paperless payment by credit card, Paypal, or electronic transfer from your bank.


Thank you!


Congregation Beth El

107 Adams St. Bennington VT 05201

   phone: (802) 442-9645      



Office Hours:

9:30 am - 2:30 pm Monday thru Thursday

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